Introduction to Video Poker

Video Poker

Many players who visit land based casinos will often stick to playing the same old games whenever they go to such venues. As is often the case, depending on where the casinos are physically located, the actual number and type of games available to play is often limited.

However, more and more players are waking upto the fact that by moving their land based gaming action into the online gambling environment then this can and will open up a whole new world of winning opportunities.

Not only can you access a huge array of casino game types online, but by becoming a much more savvy and informed player you can often track down and play some of the best paying casino games online.

One type of casino game which offers the best value, by virtue of the tiny house edge the game holds is Video Poker. There are a huge collection of different video poker variants available online, with payout percentages often as close to 100% as is possible!

Playing Online Video Poker

Should playing video poker be of interest to you, then allow us to give you an insight into how these games play, pay and operate, as once you realize the winning potential these games offer you will not be able to resist playing them!

The aim of any video poker game is simple, and that is you are hoping to end each game you play with a poker ranked hand as listed on the paytable.

To set a game in motion you will first have to choose a coin value at which you wish to play that game for, depending on which online casino you play at these coin values can be as low as just 0.05, however, you will be also able to play upto five coins per game.

Most video poker games will have an enhanced payout for the jackpot paying hand, and this is awarded only when you play the maximum number of coins per hand, so our first tip for playing video poker online is to ensure you always play with maximum coins activated!

Once you have chosen your coin values and the number of coins you wish to play then simply click on the Deal button, the game will then deal you out five random cards, and using your skill and judgement you will need to decide whether it is worth holding any of the cards in play for the next part of the game.

To hold any cards in place simply click on them, and then once you click on the Deal button for a second time any unheld cards are removed from the screen and replaced with a random set of new cards.

Should your final hand then be one of those listed on the video poker games paytable then you will win the corresponding payouts as displayed upon it. The value of these payouts will be determined by the ranking of your hand.

Video Poker Hand Rankings

There are literally dozens of different video poker variants which you will come across online, and they will all have their own set of hand rankings listed on the paytable.

The most commonly played video poker game is Jacks or Better, and to give you an idea of the standard hand rankings you will find on this variant we have listed them below for you.

Jacks or Better - This is the lowest paying hand you can get on this particular video poker game, any final hand containing a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces will result in a winning payout.

Two Pairs - The next highest paying hand ranking you will find on this video poker game is for any two pairs, so for example if you get a pair of Sixes and a pair of Tens with any fifth card in your final hand then you have triggered a winning payout.

Three of a Kind - If your final hand contains three cards all the same, such as three Kings and any two unalike additional cards then you have won the Three of a Kind payout as listed on the paytable.

Straight - A straight hand is any mix of cards which form a consecutive run of numbers, so for example, if you have a Five, Six, Seven, Eight and a Nine, in any order in your final hand, then this is classed as a Straight and a payout is awarded. These cards can be in any suit, but not all of the same suit, if they are it is classed as a Straight Flush (see below).

Flush - A Flush hand is simply a final hand which contains five cards (not a consecutive run of numbers) which all share the same suit.

Full House - A Full House is when you have three matching cards along with a pair in your final hand, so for example any three Aces and a pair of Two’s is a Full House hand.

Four of a Kind - This is quite a self explanatory hand, and is one which contains four of the same cards with any fifth card. So for example if you have four Jacks and a Seven then you have a Four of a Kind hand!

Straight Flush - This is a hand which is similar to a Straight hand mentioned above, however all of the five cards are of the same suit.

Royal Flush - This is the hand you will be hoping to be dealt, it is any Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace which are in the same suit. When playing the majority of video poker games when you have been dealt this hand, in any order, then you will win the jackpot payout.

Please be aware that there are several different video poker variants which have slightly different pay tables in force, for example some variants have Wild cards in play and as such addition hand rankings can be formed!

Online Video Poker Variants

Below you will find some of the more popular video poker games and also some of the more exotic video poker variants you will come across online, along with a brief description of what makes these video poker games unique.

Aces and Eights - This often overlooked video poker game is one which has had its paytable adjusted to allow for some additional hand rankings. When playing should you get a Four of a Kind hand with an Ace or an Eight as the fifth card then an enhanced payout is awarded.

All Aces - This is one game which is well worth you tracking down. The reason for us saying this is that due to its very generous paytable when you play it with optimum strategy you will find the payout percentage is a huge 99.92% (when played at Microgaming software powered online casinos).

Deuces Wild - This game is quite an exciting video poker variant to play, as all of the Two cards have been made completely wild. This means that lots of additional hand rankings can be formed.

Jokers Wild - Unlike most standard video poker games which are played with just one set of 52 playing cards in the deck, the Jokers Wild variant boasts an extra card. This card is a Joker and it is a wild card, so it can and will help you form plenty of additional and extra winning combinations.

Deuces and Joker - One of the highest paying standard video poker games is the game of Deuces and Joker video poker. This game features an extra Joker in the deck which, along with all the Deuces, is completely wild. A massive jackpot is offered should you finish a game with all four Two cards and the Joker in that hand!

Progressive Video Poker Games - There are plenty of casino games you can play online which offer an ever rising progressive jackpot. You will find a few video poker variants which also offer such a jackpot, two to look out for are the Jackpot Deuces video poker game and also the Supajax video poker game.

When playing progressive video poker games it is often the case that you need to be playing the maximum number of coins per hand dealt, so make sure you first take a look at the game play rules and if a maximum bet wager is required to activate the jackpot payout, then make sure you place a maximum bet wager!

Multi Hand Video Poker Games

You will also find that most standard video poker games are available to play online in a multi-hand format. The number of hands per game you can play will vary but 4, 10, 50 or even 100 hands per game variants are not uncommon!

When you play these multi-hand video poker games you will be dealt one base hand and then all of the extra hands are based around which cards you have held and discarded on that base hand, so in theory and in practice it is possible to win on each hand you have put into play.

In fact if Lady Luck is on your side you could be dealt a base hand Royal Flush, and by holding that hand in place then all additional hands you are playing will also be Royal Flush hands, which should result in a very large winning payout!

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